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Shared Hosting
A shared web hosting service refers to a service where your site is held securly on one of our many large, high availability servers with many other customers to share the costs. Ideal for small websites that don't need very unique requirements or large amounts of space or bandwidth.
Email Hosting


Implementing an email server in-house requires capital hardware expenditures and regular costly maintenance. Hosting your email off-site with a service provider that specializes in email management provides many benefits.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server lets you lease an entire server not shared with anyone, giving you greater flexibility with the business applications you run, operating system you prefer and more.
Back-up Servers

Has your data outgrown your server? Does your business-critical data need serious fault tolerance.
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Web Design

Flash Animation

Flash Animation, Animated flash video
Flash cartoon is an animated film which is created using Adobe Flash animation software and often distributed in the .swf file format. It can be created in Flash or with other programs capable of writing .swf files. The term Flash animation not only refers to the file format but to a certain kind of movement and visual style which, in many circles, is seen as simplistic or unpolished. However, with dozens of Flash animated television series, countless more Flash animated television commercials, and award-winning online shorts in circulation, Flash animation is enjoying a renaissance. "

Freedom of Development
Flash allows for freedom of development not found anywhere else. Flash allows the designer to place objects anywhere they want without having to worry about absolute / relative placement, box model problems, inconsistencies across browsers, z-indexes, tables-in-tables-in-tables, sliced up graphics and screen resolutions. In Flash you simply place the object on your canvas where you want it and move on. Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!

Seriously, this advantage is not to be taken lightly. As designers, this is what we’ve been wanting since the beginning of the Web: the ability to design without limitations being placed on us by browsers or programming languages. With Flash, you no longer need to worry about which browsers your page will render correctly in and which will choke on it. Your page renders the same way – correctly — in all browsers.

Greater Interactivity
Flash provides an interactive environment for a more involved multimedia experience. We’re not just talking about rollovers that swap colors or images, which, by the way, are a piece of cake in Flash, and can even include sound. We’re talking about the bigger deal here.

Flash allows you to incorporate sound into your pages via mp3 and wav files, allowing you to use, for example, speech or background music. You can also directly import digital video into Flash, which allows you to easily demo products or just show off the family. It’s true that Flash is not the only way to include video into a Web page. There are other tools, such as Windows Media Player, Real-Player, and QuickTime. However, the Flash player plug-in penetration is now at around 97%. Compared to Windows Media Player plug-in at 59%, Real-Player plug-in at 56% and QuickTime player plug-in at 41%, Flash is streets ahead."

A Bold Statement
HTML / CSS will never be able to do what Flash does - NEVER. With that statement alone some people have already launched their mail client, but before you compose that email let me explain this statement.

Let’s take a look at the strengths of Macromedia’s multimedia vector product Flash. Then we will examine its weaknesses and finish with a comparison of the HTML / CSS tandem. What does Flash do that HTML and CSS can’t do?

Flash Animation, Animated flash video
Flash Animation, Animated flash video
Flash Animation, Animated flash video