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Shared Hosting
A shared web hosting service refers to a service where your site is held securly on one of our many large, high availability servers with many other customers to share the costs. Ideal for small websites that don't need very unique requirements or large amounts of space or bandwidth.
Email Hosting


Implementing an email server in-house requires capital hardware expenditures and regular costly maintenance. Hosting your email off-site with a service provider that specializes in email management provides many benefits.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server lets you lease an entire server not shared with anyone, giving you greater flexibility with the business applications you run, operating system you prefer and more.
Back-up Servers

Has your data outgrown your server? Does your business-critical data need serious fault tolerance.
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Web Design


Advertising, advertisement
First Impressions that Demand a Second Look

Whether you need a full page magazine ad design, or a quarter column newspaper ad design, professional layout can make a big difference in response rates. You're paying for the advertising space, so make sure it pays you back!

We'll work with you to make sure your ad communicates your message as you intended. Then we'll work directly with the publisher to make sure that the final print ad displays as you intended. Our low design fees and preferred customer discounts make it easy and affordable for your advertising to look like big business, without spending big business money.

Santa Clarita Web Services creates highly effective magazine ads that are creatively compelling, perfectly targeted and demand response. And our secret is that everything we do is built on a solid framework of sound strategic thinking. If the message isn’t right, no amount of creativity will get your product sold! So we begin every project with a strategic worksheet that identifies the best target audience, defines the best reasons to buy, and outlines the message platform for the ad. That’s the kind of marketing groundwork that assures success even before we apply our creative talents.

In addition to developing advertising, we’ll help create your entire advertising campaign, negotiate the best media rates, and keep everything flowing on time and on budget.


Advertising, advertisement
Advertising, advertisement
Advertising, advertisement