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Shared Hosting
A shared web hosting service refers to a service where your site is held securly on one of our many large, high availability servers with many other customers to share the costs. Ideal for small websites that don't need very unique requirements or large amounts of space or bandwidth.
Email Hosting


Implementing an email server in-house requires capital hardware expenditures and regular costly maintenance. Hosting your email off-site with a service provider that specializes in email management provides many benefits.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server lets you lease an entire server not shared with anyone, giving you greater flexibility with the business applications you run, operating system you prefer and more.
Back-up Servers

Has your data outgrown your server? Does your business-critical data need serious fault tolerance.
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing, marketing email
To stand out in today’s crowded inbox, your campaigns must be better than the rest. Knowing what to improve is half the battle. Win with EmailLabs. We build best practices right into our complete, hosted solution, and we also offer on-demand consulting from well-known email experts. Specifically designed for midsize marketers and small-to-medium enterprises, EmailLabs empowers you to:
  • Create and send messages
  • Improve your templates
  • Clean your lists
  • Measure and boost results"

"About Email Marketing Imagine reducing the cost of communicating with your customers by a hundred times or more. Imagine if there were a way to slash the number of calls into your call center and drive customer loyalty at the same time. Imagine if you could ensure that every customer touch point was relevant, timely, legally compliant and brand appropriate… Welcome to the new world of email marketing. Forget what you've heard in the general media about email marketing. Unsolicited and annoying emails just don't work for serious marketers with real customer relationships and real brands. The new world of email marketing is about long-term relationships, customer communications and unprecedented improvements in customer loyalty and life-time value. Silverpop is a technology-savvy marketing-services company whose mission is to help the Global 2000 and other well-respected companies transform their marketing communications programs in the digital world. We are the trusted partner to many of the world's greatest companies and brands. We help them navigate through the murky waters of spam, phishing and legal compliance as they achieve new levels of success and customer loyalty. The inescapable forces of convenience, cost savings and customer choice are driving a quiet revolution in customer communications and marketing. Yesterday's email marketing was about filling inboxes until someone responded. Today's email marketing is about targeted communications, brand sensitivity and--above all else--relevant communications. Tomorrow's email marketing? Well, you'll have to ask our clients, because they are the ones shaping the future of online communications and we could not be more proud to be their partners.

Bill Nussey President & CEO, Silverpop"

"For more than just sending email: software and solutions to personalize messages, automate triggers, improve delivery, and report marketing results"

"Maximizing returns from your email marketing campaign requires expertise, a solid strategy and knowledge of best practices. Every company has unique marketing objectives and challenges, and needs personalized advice on getting the most out of their email campaign.

Based on your specific needs, EmailLabs will provide flexible consulting services to launch, manage, and improve your email marketing program. Whether you need help launching a new email marketing campaign, analyzing your messaging and design, or training on best practices, EmailLabs can arm you with the right strategy and tools to improve results, and help you reach the next level in email marketing. "